Flash Mobs by Hobo illusionerZ

Hobo illusionerZ established the street, Flash Mob style, dance in Greece.  They appear suddenly somewhere, they dance and they disappear immediately.






Flash Mob at Melissia Square (11/9/2016) “BACK TO SCHOOL”. Special Thanks to TEAM WOLF 31, BATUCA and ATHENS PARKOUR ACADEMY


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14324570_1178652852200613_8477432944541598264_o  14264201_1178651245534107_5097328870097712512_n

Flash Mob at Stargym Contest 2016

13428483_967603560026104_8177803573695822897_n  13450898_967606810025779_381044200328481734_n

Flash Mob at Chalandri- Against Women Violence


DSC_0033   DSC_0034

DSC_0045   DSC_0161


Flash Mob at Mellissia- TEAM WOLF 31 (What is the meaning of the name)

IMG_0081  IMG_0092


Flash Mob at Porto Rafti

983765_10204300331686873_1764303744960471054_n   10600543_10204300355287463_5703536260506742274_n


Flash Mob at Gazi- Mother’s Day

DSC_0055.JPG  DSC_0012

DSC_0038   DSC_0035

Flash Mob at Syntagma Square (About the economic Crisis)

DSC_0142   DSC_0296


Flash Mob at Monastiraki Square

DSCN3281.JPG   1782029_10203075585548985_1185299021_n