“Concentric Carousel” Christmas 2019

Christmas 2019!

In the heart of Athens under the auspices of the Attica Region, Hobo illusionerZ participated in 4 concerts titled “Concentric Carousels”. The well-known actor Haris Romas, attended the performances, as the sector commander of the Municipality of Athens and congratulated all the teams for their professionalism! Hobo illusionerZ performed an acrodance choreo full of energy and impressive acrobatics. The crowd applauded incessantly once again. Besides the cold, Steven and Konstantinos briefly got into the role of elves and they spread smiles and warmth. Subsequetly, the crew performed the “Africa” choreography which seems to be one of the most loved. At the end of the show, all artists full-filled the stage by making a human Carousel consisting of concentric Carousels

Special thanks to Marios Strofalis who wrote the scenario for the show,thw stilts Nikos Makkas and his partner, the beautiful singer-artist Nastazia Beikof and Fanis  Kafousias the mimic! Hoodgroove Managment (https://www.facebook.com/hoodgroovemngmt/) dressed up the show, with the best artists: Hobo illusionerZ- Acrodance, Alex Pitsalidis- Fresstyle Basketball, Hyperlinks Crew – Hip hop and Break Dance

The official photographer of the shows is the best… Manouela Scouper!