Nancy Plessa

 (Chief Choreographer and Founder Member)

Hi there! I’m Nancy Plessa, founder and choreographer of the the team of Hobo IllusionerZ. Having finished my studies at the Department of Physical Education specializing in Rhythmic Gymnastics, I’ve tested countless of dances but only one truly stole my heart and that’s Hip Hop. But enough about me, let me tell you about a team that stole many hearts alongside mine. Let’s begin!
My love for dance and my limitless fantasy, led me to create Hobo IllusionerZ. I started it exclusively just for laughs and 12 years later I find myself feeling so proud that the core of this family is stronger than ever. Nevertheless, every piece of experience we gain, I’m always a step ahead, i already know what’s coming next and what’s coming is always a difficult challenge for me and the team. There are no words to describe the feeling that a coach has when he can count on his team. We are a family and let’s not kid ourselves I’m the mom of each and every one of them.I swear i’m not that old!
Getting to the present, I wish that everything that’s coming, will find us connected to the fullest, giving always that “something else” that “something more” to the crowds and okay let’s be honest to do that, they all have to tolerate me. It may sound easy but believe me under pressure is impossible!

See you at our next show!