Mary Matsaka

My name is Mary Matsaka and I am a dancer.

I have taken dance classes in many different styles including ballet,
contemporary, hip hop, jazz, musical etc.

I have also attended many workshops with Greek and foreign instructors such as Brian
Friedman, Camilo Lauricella, Miguel Zarate, Lea Ninja, Joseph Go, Jarek Cemerek,
Shirlene Quigley (who also awarded me with a scholarship for Broadway Dance Centre in
New York City) etc.

I have a degree in Modern Theatre Dance (I.S.T.D.) and an international
certification as a Stretching/Flexibility instructor and am currently studying for a degree in Classical Ballet (I.S.T.D.) and a degree in Contemporary Dance (C.D.A.)

I have participated in video clips for Greek artists, and performances, videoshootings, live shows and events for dance groups I was a member of (Hip Hop, Dancehall, Musical, Contemporary, Jazz etc),
I have also worked as a dance teacher.