Zoe Steka-Voutsina

My name is Zoe Steka-Voutsina, but when i joined the team this changed to “Zouka”and that’s my nickname ever since. At the age of 4, i started occupying myself with Rhythmic Gymnastics, a bit of Acrobatics and commercial dance. Today, in videos of Hobo IllusionerZ, you can see that I’m usually the one who flies through the roof and jumping from one person to another in a uniquely artistic way that i learned in the many years of being a part of this team. No, it wasn’t my choice to be the one flying every time but after so many flights, i started volunteering! It was scary at the beginning but then , after gaining trust , it became fun!
Hobo illusionerZ have a special place in my heart and one of the many reasons that this is true, is that they gave me the opportunity throughout many different events to find myself and my place in the magical world of dance. I hope…actually I’m certain that we will continue to have our own special mark, participate on future events, but most important, stay connected to each other, in order to create some even greater and unforgettable memories of our time together.