Zoe Steka-Voutsina

My name is Zoi Steka Voutsina. I started occupying myself with rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics and dance from a very young age. Since I was little, my team and gymnastics always had a special place in my heart so it was easier for me to pull through and always have motivation and passion for what I do. As you can see in the videos of Hobo Illusionerz I used to be the one that was flying around and landed from one person to the other, but as I got older I sometimes help as a base to the tricks too. Also I had the chance to introduce my little brother Ntino to the wonderful world of acrobatics and now he is follow along on my steps. Most people assume that what I do is scary but once you gain trust it’s actually really fun.

Hobo Illusionerz have a special place in my heart as my team of many years. They have helped me throughout my dance journey, to express myself with what I do and find out about my potentials. I’m positive that we will continue to thrive as a team through our future performances and most importantly keep the connection between us strong!!!