Konstantinos Stekas-Voutsinas

Hi there! I’m Konstantinos Stekas Voutsinas and I’m the youngest in the team of Hobo IllusionerZ, so of course everyone adores me! Throughout my week I also do football but, with Hobo Illusionerz I can have an artistic break. From the day I got started on the team I started doing all the tricks in no time, like a little ninja. I started putting my effort and energy to what I did and then magic started happening!!! I also like to fly around from people to people which I’m pretty sure I got from my sister. My sister is actually the one that introduced me to this extraordinary world of Acrobatics and I couldn’t be more thankful!
Hobo Illusionerz are not only my team, but my second home too… I am having the time of my life participating in all the events and having the opportunity to shine and be admired by many. I am really hoping that this will never end so I can grow with them and learn more about my abilities!!!