Konstantinos Stekas-Voutsinas

Hi there! My name is Konstantinos Stekas-Voutsinas and i’m the youngest member of Hobo IllusionerZ, so it’s obvious to say that everyone teases me, but what can i say, i cant blame them,I’m adorable!
Everybody points out that i look like a little ninja, so i laughed and created my own nickname: “Ntinotello” like my fellow ninja turtle. Not to brag, but in my very busy daily routine i do acrobatics, kick boxing and squeeze getting into my sister’s nerves. I may annoy her (in a good way) but she’s the one who introduced me to this new intriguing world. So I owe her! Again!
Hobo illusionerZ, is my second home, they always teach me some great stuff so I can follow their lead and they help me shine as bright as I can in every show that I participate in. I may be young but I have a soul full of passion for what I do and I think that shows in everything I do. I’m having the time of my life, hoping this will never end, because I feel much loved by everyone and there is no greater feeling than this! Oh! This and the feeling of  eating a large burger!!!