About us

Meet here all members of the team!  Get to know us better….!

Hobo illusionerZ were created in 2011 by Nancy Plessa and Chrysoula Kollia us for fun. Starting with a very successful show in Neo Irakleio city, they decided to make it professional. All kind of gymnastics and dance have a unique position in this team.
Acrobatic, Rhythmic and Artistic Gymnastics, Parkour, Modern and Hip Hop dance are some of the styles Hobo illusionerZ represents.
Till today, the team have taken part in very popular events all over Greece and they also represented our country to the World Gymnastics Festival, both in 2015 (Finland) and 2019 (Austria).

Able to make the impossible, possible! Full of imagination, they can respond in every project, the best way! A trial will convice you!

Booking and more you can contact us or  Hoodgroove Managment

Creative People supports and develops the team since the very begging!