2nd Hope Streetball in Athens

The 1st of December 2019 was a special day for the team! Dancing for the 2nd Hope Streetball by the official federation of  people with disabilities, was a great pleasure!
Such a beautiful event in the heart of Athens, fullfilled of positive energy and amazing athletes. Being a part of the event was a chance to understand the meaning of the power of a team that loves the same thing!
Hope to see them again!

Photo Credits to Manouela Scouper

The smile of a Child (16/12/2018) & Médecins du monde (14/12/2018)



Hobo illusionerZ danced for a good reason on a Christmas mood!
Médecins du monde provides emergency and long-term medical care to the world’s most vulnerable people. It also advocates to end health inequities.

The smile of a child (Xamogelo tou Paidiou) has the aim to defend children’s rights and give solutions to their daily problems. It’s activities include, among other things, the hosting of children at risk, their telephone support, their counseling and social integration programs and the support of poor families.

Hobo illusionerZ made them smile once again. We danced, we gathered milk, we did acrobatics with the audience and after all we had fun!
Special thanks to our partner Hoodgroove Managment for this event and our photographer Manouela Scouper

Photos and Video:






Video:Christmas-Medecins de monde

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Athens Circus Festival @ Technopolis- 6th Edition

The 6th Edition of the Athens circus Festival took place at Technopolis and it was as great as always! Circus Dayz organized the most special event about all kind of circus arts in the heart of the town. Hobo illusionerZ were there performing “Metal Waves” Choreography and they really rocked the scene.
Choreographer: Plessa Nancy

Performance photos



Backstage photos



Fingerstyle-Solo Acoustic Guitar

In a wonderful evening in the area of Kalivia, Maneli Jamal and Eva Atmantzidou gave a special performance for their audience! These are two internationally renowed artists and people extremely likeable despite their significant career.

Hobo illusionerZ had a great show in the start of this unique event! The choreography consists of 12 athletes and special metal music!

This whole event took place thanks to the sponsorship of Kirkinews.gr in cooperation with Creative People .

Choreography made by Nancy Plessa

Video by Vasilis Kallinteris


Watch the video here:

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“On the Move”Verint Event in Greece-2016

Hobo illusionerZ take part in the organisation, media coverage and live performances of the multinatinal event held in Athens on November 7-8/11/2016. On Monday 7, Hobo illusionerZ perform an artistic quartet including rhythmics, dance,acrobatics and live music at Westin Astir palace coctail party. On Tuesday 8 the team’s chief coach, Nancy Plessa, choreographs for the Disco Party held in Poseidonio.The photography in both events was held by the team’s partner, Manouela Scouper.


Day 1: Westin Astir Palace- Ribbon-Acrodance Show

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Day 2: Greek Night at Poseidonio. Glykeria show and Disco Party


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HoboillusionerZ in Motor Festival 2016

Hobo illusionerZ in Motor Festival 2016, Special thanks to Manouela Scouper Photography

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOrgaL_I5Cs]