Sevi Kapetanaki

Heyyy, my name is Sevi Kapetanaki and the truth is that i don’t have any nickname as my other co-athletes have, ’cause “Sevi” is already pretty and simple.

My profession is being an accountant and at the same time an acrobatics gymnastics coach. Yeah yeah, I know those two words can’t fit in the same sentence but call me crazy I like them both. I have been entertaining myself with acro gymnastics since I was six years old, until this very day. I’ve taken part in panhellenics championships, festivals etc. and let me tell you that I cannot leave without having this sport in my daily routine.

Lately, I added to my list of hobbies, contemporary dance and aerial skills, which I really enjoy learning to the maximum. I’ve been a part of Hobo IllusionerZ for many years now and I notice that, year after year, we bond even more. We even came to a situation where we called ourselves a family and still do. So… with that being said they can’t get rid of me now! I hope we achieve every goal we set because we work really hard for every little detail in our choreos and truly deserve it.