Nikoleta Tsimara

Hola a todos! (=Hello everyone) I’m Nikoleta! Since I was 5 years old I have joined the magical world of rhythmic gymnastics doing long hours of training and sacrificing my personal life for what I love most in this world. After 12 years of hardworking and being dedicated to the sport my rhythmic gymnastics career has ended achieving my biggest goal: being part of the Greek National Team!

Apart from sports I’ve an obsession with the spanish language so I’m learning it on my own (es maravilloso este idioma) and i play the piano a little. As the newest member of this team I’ve to say that it’s not that difficult to be the newest as you think it is when we talk about Hobo illusionerZ! They made me feel like I found my place…my second family! Although I’m out of my element and I have lots of new things to try I’m pretty sure that with their guidance and their advice I will fit in perfectly!!