Aggelos Tsernas

The name is Aggelos Tsernas, although what you should keep in mind is my nickname “Cracked Backbone”.

You must be wondering how did this come up? Prepare yourselves for a little trip down my memory lane. I was born in 1995, at the age of 9 I entered the world of instrumental and acrobatics gymnastics. I’m in possession of four golden medals in Panhellenic Games and won one silver medal in a Global Festival of Gymnastics. I did get myself involved in other sports, such as MMA, boxing, body building and street lifting in which is important to mention that I won a silver medal in a Panhellenic level.

Coming to nowadays, my daily routine and passion consists of tricking, calisthenics gymnastics and did i mention that I play the guitar too? Yes 12 years of my life there! Take note that, in every thing that I mentioned before I learned it on my own, so this bit of strength in character means that I must have a backbone somewhere in my body and that pretty much explains my nickname.

After 10 years of abstention, I came back to be a rock for hobo illusionerz to see them break their limits with my experience and help them with any challenge they encountere, but also, simultaneously I ,myself, reliving the sweet pressure of being and acrobatic’s top athlete and working as a professional at the events of the team. For me being an athlete is when you say that you can’t do this no more but willingly keep going. So… GO, GO, GO!